Vågen AS views work with health, environment and safety (HSE) as important to be able to satisfy the demands and expectations of the various stakeholders, as well as to comply with all statutory requirements.

Through our work with HSE, we will achieve a better and safer working environment for our employees, and ensure protection of the external environment through measures such as:


- Preventing personal accidents and health injuries caused in the working environment
- Protect the environment, reduce waste volumes and prevent pollution such as greenhouse gases
- Secure people and material assets against fire and limit the extent of damage in cases of fire and other emergency situations
- Ensuring correct treatment of waste

Vågen will focus on developing solutions and machines for the recycling and cleaning and dewatering of sludge.

All employees and managers must get involved in HSE work in their own company and with our partners, for continuous improvement of HSE performance.

HSE training is offered to employees and managers through internal training or purchased externally if necessary.

We believe that with our HSE culture we can achieve and maintain our goal of zero accidents and unwanted events.

We will influence our suppliers and partners so that they maintain a high HSE standard.