We would like to design complete machines, system supplies or other solutions adapted to your company’s needs. Send us a description of what you need, and we will return with a technical proposal and a quotation. Correct quality and timely delivery are important factors to us, and through good communication between customer and supplier, we can find the right solutions to suit both your requirements and your budget.

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Clariofications bofore a quote or delivery:

What to transport?

How much pr. hour in kg or m3?

Specific weight of media?

Particle sizes?

Dry sollids content?

Length of conveyor?

Lifting angle or lifting hight of conveyor?

Limitations on size/dimensions?

Environment in which the conveyor will be installed; inside/outside, Temperature, IP, ATEX Zone, etc.?

Requirements to surface preparation?

Material quality; carbon steel, stainless steel, other?

How the conveyor will be fed; from silo, rotory valve, reactor, shute, other?

How the conveyr shall discharge and where?

Which function has the conveyor; transport, dosing, mixing, coolin, heating, other?

Lids and inspection hatcher or grids?


Heat tracing?

Voløtage and frequency?

Rotation guard?

Valves og gates in inlet/outles, pneumatic, hydraulic, electrical?

Need for control system?

Product or system supply? Installation?

Special needs for other products in connection with screw conveyors?

What is more important; quality and lead time or price?

Spare parts?

Service and maintenance agreement?

Is there a simple sketch or a model?

Delivery time?