Vågen ODD machine is an energy efficient solids-fluid separator with a self-cleaning function and a high capacity. The opening between the fixed and rotating oval discs let the fluid through and conveys and press the solids further ahead in the process. The rotation between the rings is cleaning the system and prevent clogging of the dried sludge. The process can be operated continuously and is automated. There is little need for operator involvement and the self-cleaning function gives a good flow in the separation process. The oval rotation discs convey the sludge towards the outlet of the machine while separating the water from the sludge. The system is simple in its build-up and requires little maintenance. Low rotation speeds give prolonged running times and low maintenance costs. Compared to other dewatering systems, Vågen ODD has low energy consumption. Energy Consumption ranges from 0,2kW to 1,5kW from the smallest to the largest machine, providing from 23 to 130m3/hour capacity. The separator is a complete sludge dewatering system that can be adapted to most processes and industries. The system can be supplied with infeed and outfeed systems and can be operated as a continuous process.

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ODD -  Characteristics

No clogging or build up of sludge

Continuous solids/fluid separation and self-cleaning during operation. The oscillating discs are cleaned as the sludge is dewatered and the sludge cake is conveyed towards the outlet.

Stable dewatering capacity

Through self-cleaning and continuous operation, the system yield a high capacity and smooth operation.

Long service intervals

A simple structure and low rotation speeds give long service and maintenance intervals. Wear is very low compared to other similar equipment.


Vågen ODD can effectively dewater most types of sludge, and gives good results both with and without the use of polymers. The machine is widely used around the world in the food and fish industry, but is also used for dewatering sludge in a wide variety of industries.