Cleaning and dewatering in the same machine. Vågen AS delivers solutions for municipal and private sewage plants and wastewater sludge treatment from different process industries. The main product in this process is the Vågen Multi Disc Screw Press, which use different kinds of polymer to bind the solids in the wastewater, sewage and process water. Proven technical solutions are utilized to reduce the maintenance cost and simplify access to spare and wear parts. Very good results can be documented within most industries. Dry solids content from 15% to over 40%. We can collect up to 97% of the suspended particles, from a concentration as low as 1-3%. We can dewater sludge and substances other machines can not handle. Please contact us to utilize our test presses.

The Multi Disc Screw Press is an advanced sludge dewatering system with a design that prevent clogging, and which has a very low power consumption. It dewaters sludge that other presses can not handle.

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