Screw conveyors

Our standard is to deliver screw conveyors designed to meet the unique requirements of our customers. We use proven technology and solutions in order to reduce maintenance costs and to simplify access to spare parts.

See video of our auger solution for cuttings handling, delivered to Statoil's Grane platform, operated by Odfjell Drilling..

Transportation screws are used for various purposes. The following best describes the basic properties of the screws or rotors in question.

We use materials such as standard steel, heavy duty steel, stainless steel/acid-proof steel, polyethylene and combinations of these in troughs and motors. For our operations, we use electric or hydraulic motors, with gears and parts sourced from accredited suppliers. We employ solid axel joints as standard practise. All our products are designed in Autodesk Inventor 3D.

Sample rotors

  • Lifting screw: A vertically or diagonally positioned transportation screw.
  • Distribution screw: To channel dosages to several outlets.
  • Strainer screw: To transport wet bulk substances, combined with liquid drainage capabilities.
  • Cooling screw: To cool and transport bulk substances. Can also be used for heating purposes.
  • Screw Press: To squeeze out liquid and simultaneously transport bulk substances or cargo.
  • Mixer: To mix - on a continuous basis - various bulk substances, or to batch mix them.

Spare parts

  • Sectional flights: Used as replacement on existing screw conveyors or construction of new rotors.
  • Spiral screws: For centerless screw rotors.
  • Rotors: For new and existing screw conveyors.


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