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Useful clarifications before selection of final solution:

What is to be transported?

Quantities per hour in kg or m3?

Specific weight of the product?

Particle size?

Solids content in %?

Length of conveyor?

Inclination angle or lifting height of the conveyor?

Restrictions on building size?

Environment for installation outdoor / indoor IP degree, Atex zone?

Requirements for surface treatment?

Material quality carbon steel, stainless, acid-proof, other?

How should the conveyor be "fed"? from silo, rotary valve, reactor, trough, other?

Where and how does the conveyor "deliver"?

What function does the conveyor have, transport, dosing, mixing, cooling, heating, other?

Lids and inspection hatches?


Heating cables?

Voltage and frequency?

Rotation ​​guard?

Damper/valve on in / outlet, pneumatic, hydraulic, electric.

Need for electrical control?

Product or system delivery?

Special needs and other products related to the conveyor?

Spare parts?

Service and Maintenance?

Can a sketch be submitted?

Delivery time?